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Aeron is a technical turnkey contractor in ventilation, heating & cooling, pipes, electrical and automation for marine, offshore and land-based operations. We are offering our products and services for marine and offshore newbuilding’s, maintenance and modification projects. We offer support for every stage in the projects from conception to completion, and we want to be involved in all stages of the building process and for the lifetime of installed systems. Our goal is to be a reliable worldwide HVAC partner for our customers, ensuring best possible indoor climate for our customer’s installations all over the world.


Aeron is a 100% owned subsidiary of AF Gruppen. AF Gruppen is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (AFG) and has operations within civil engineering, building, property, energy and environment, and offshore.
The purpose of the group is to create value and possibilities through projects.
This is executed with an uncompromising attitude to safety and ethics.


  • Reliable
  • Freedom to exercise entrepreneurship and discipline in relation to goals and requirements
  • Thoroughness and hard work
  • Persistence in achieving profitable growth
  • Management through presence and involvement



We will be the leading total supplier of energy and cost-effective solutions to the global Marine, Offshore and Offshore Wind industry.

We design and deliver HVAC-R solutions for new buildings, conversions, service and maintenance with a strong focus on safety in the projects.





The world needs more energy efficient solutions. Our commitment is to provide smart technical solutions that will benefit both our customers and the environment even with the most demanding global comfort and safety requirements.


  • Aeron

    HVAC Partner & Marine Products

The company’s history stretches back to 1979 when Miljø-teknikk was established. After a while the name was changed to Aeron Miljøteknikk, and then just Aeron. In 1989, the company Mollier was established. Mollier was acquired by AF Gruppen in 2007, first 51% and then up to 100% in 2009. Aeron was acquired by AF Gruppen in 2008. The two companies had activities within the same types of operation, but in different markets.

Therefore, in 2015 they were merged into one company and the new name became AF Offshore AeronMollier.
To make it easier to stand out as a professional supplier of energy-efficient solutions within ventilation and cooling (HVAC +R), the company changed its profile and found its final, new name from history – Aeron AS.

Certificates – Aeron AS

Management System Certificate Iso 9001:2015

This certificate is valid for the following scope: Marketing, sales, design, project management, procurement, installation, commissioning and service of HVAC+R systems and equipment for marine, offshore and buildings.

Magnet JQS registered supplier

Magnet JQS is a supplier register and a service that supports qualification of suppliers. Suppliers registered in Magnet JQS are instantly made available to buyers on the Norwegian continental shelf and in other parts of the world

Norway: Sentralt godkjent foretak for ansvarsrett

Aeron has central approval for the Planning and Building Act in Norway

  • Design of ventilation and air conditioning installations in class 3
  • Execution of sanitary installations in class 1
  • Execution of heating and cooling installations in class 2
  • Execution of ventilation and air conditioning installations in class 3
  • Approved training company



Aeron aims to have a working environment that promotes health and prevents injuries and illness among our employees and partners.

We want our presence to have a positive impact on our surroundings and we systematically work to minimize strain where we implement our projects. We achieve this through an uncompromising attitude towards safety and systematic and focused work on health and the external environment.


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Career Video

  • Linn Torkildsen

    Project engineer

  • Øyvind Høiland

    Project engineer

  • Ole Jakob Vatland

    Project engineer

  • Linn Torkildsen

    Project engineer

  • Øyvind Høiland

    Project engineer

  • Ole Jakob Vatland

    Project engineer


Aeron gives you the space to live out your curiosity and great opportunities for personal development.

Check out available positions here:

Serviceteknikere og Elektrikere

Stillingene vil innebære litt ulike oppgaver og ansvarsområder, men felles for begge roller vil være en spennende arbeidshverdag med varierte arbeidsoppgaver i et arbeidsmiljø du vil trives i. Du får også mulighet til å arbeide med prosjekter for både nye installasjoner og modifikasjoner av eksisterende anlegg, samt utføre befaringer for å planlegge og tilby tekniske løsninger for kunde.



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