Cemre Shipyard

HVAC-R & Aeron Energy Recovery for Electric Battery Ferry

Customer: Cemre Shipyard, Turkey
Newbuilding: 1098 & 1099
Owner: Molslinjen

Aeron is proud to have signed a contract with Cemre Shipyard for the design and supply of a complete HVAC-R System including Aeron Energy Recovery System (AERS) for their newbuilds 1098 and 1099.

The ferries have been designed by OSK-ShipTech A/S for zero emissions when operating 100% on batteries. The vessels are 116.8 meters long and 18.2 meters wide with room for 600 passengers and 188 cars. They will be built according to the BV classification rules and according to Danish flag regulations. The ferries must be among the most innovative, environmentally friendly and ground-breaking vessels in the passenger market. The Passenger Ferries are not only designed with high technology but also designed for high passenger comfort onboard, all according to Scandinavian accommodation standards. The Alslinjen ferry will be put into operation from September 2024, while the Samsølinjen will start sailing in January 2025.

HVAC-R systems on ships are normally a significant consumer of energy, and ships that are to be operated on batteries therefore have very high requirements for energy-efficient solutions. In recent years, Aeron has been at the forefront of developing the Aeron Energy Recovery System AERS, which we have delivered to a number of offshore rigs, as well as battery-powered and hybrid ships in recent years. This is a significant reason why we were chosen as the supplier to design and deliver HVAC-R and AERS for these projects.

Our AERS system first utilizes all available energy on board. The energy in the sea is then utilized, before the heart of the system, which is one or more heat pumps, starts to deliver sufficient hot and cold water for heating, ventilation, air cooling and other consumers on the ship.

For these ships, AERON therefore designs and supplies a complete and highly energy efficient AERS system for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Provisions (HVAC-R). This is controlled by our in-house developed Aeron Automation system and Aeron Connect, which enables secure encrypted communication (VPN) for remote monitoring and remote control from our office. Read more about AERS under our Aeron systems or contact us in AERON for further information.

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