Cruise ships, River cruise & Expedition Cruse vessels

With increasing tourism at sea, it is increasingly important to have the best ships, with high passenger comfort, and a good HVAC-R system is essential for good customer satisfaction. Our experienced engineers can design and deliver HVAC-R systems with incredibly low noise levels, which can operate in the most extreme climates in the world. We have delivered systems to cruise ships according to the strictest comfort notations from class companies such as DNG-GL Comfort class COMF-V(1) for vibration and COMF-C(1) for indoor climate.

The HVAC-R systems on a cruise ship normally account for a very high proportion of the ship energy consumption, usually 30-40%, which has a major impact on the environment and profitability. We therefore recommend our Aeron Energy Recovery Systems (AERS), which can provide the best energy-efficient solutions and major savings in energy consumption over the ships lifetime. This while maintaining the highest level of passenger comfort, naturally in accordance with the strict requirements for safety and system redundancy.

Expedition cruise ships are glad to offer guests the opportunity to explore the most remote places on earth in the highest degree of luxury. Our HVAC-R systems have been developed to provide customers with the highest degree of comfort anywhere in the world, such as Greenland, the Arctic and Antarctica. This requires a high degree of security, and that we design and deliver the HVAC-R systems according to Polar codes. We also recommend our Aeron Connect which enables us to connect to the ships HVAC-R system from our head office, and make any adjustments to the system while they are in rough waters.