Ferries and high speed catamarans

Ro-pax, Ferries and speedboats often follow a fixed route and transport passengers and in combination with vehicles from one place to another. We have extensive experience in designing and delivering high quality HVAC-R systems for Cabins, Restaurants, Recreation areas, technical rooms, Car decks etc. We can ensure ideal temperature and humidity for both passengers and equipment and deliver solutions to prevent the spread of smoke and gas between zones. All of course according to class and the authorities’ strict safety requirements.

In modern ships, there is an ever-increasing demand for energy-efficient solutions. We have extensive experience in designing plumbing systems with extremely low energy consumption and recovering as much energy as possible through our innovative design solutions. We have supplied complete Aeron Energy Recovery Systems – AERS to a number of battery and hybrid powered ferries and speedboats. We utilize all available heat from equipment, and use all available cooling from the sea, and this is controlled from our heat pump system where we utilize both cold water and hot water in an extremely energy efficient way. Feel free to read about our AERON Energy Recovery Systems – AERS here on the web or contact us for more information.