Technical Contractor Land

AERON has supplied ventilation and air conditioning since 1979 and has one of the leading expertise in ventilation and indoor climate in South-West Norway. We design, deliver and install energy-efficient air handling systems to create good indoor climates. A good indoor climate is characterized by good fresh air with the right temperature and humidity, which is important for achieving a good working environment and good productivity.

AERON designs, projects, delivers, and installs all types of heating and cooling systems, from small compact units to complex heat pump systems. Our cooling solutions include air cooling and cooling solutions for construction and industry as well as cooling solutions for special premises such as computer rooms, cooling and freezer rooms. AERON has broad expertise in cold and heat pump systems. Our refrigeration technicians are F-Gas certified, and ensure that our deliveries are carried out professionally and in accordance with current regulations.

Automation is of great importance for energy efficiency since it includes the management of the building’s technical systems such as heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting. Automation is the brain of the building that controls and regulates all technical installations. AERON has solid experience in delivering several different automation systems. We can also offer our own cost-effective AERON automation system. This user-friendly SD system can be integrated with other systems, and if desired also remotely controlled and monitored via a secure line on the internet to, for example, our office. We deliver to most types of buildings, like:
• Industry & Office buildings
• Hotel
• Schools and Public buildings
• Shopping and apartment buildings