AERON® is a well-known brand in the global marine industry. With our wide expertise AERON have been a preferred and reliable total contractor of Marine Heating, Ventilation, Air-Condition & Refrigeration (HVAC-R) Systems. We take full responsibility in every step of a project from Conception to Completion including turnkey, to secure our customers optimal climate solutions for passengers, personnel, cargo, machinery and instruments. Since 1979, we have developed an AERON® high quality Product range, specially designed for marine environments. We are innovative and at the forefront of development, for example with the development of energy efficient solutions such as the AERON Energy Recovery System – AERS, which is profitable both for our customers and the environment.

Aeron HVAC-R Systems has been installed on most kind of vessels worldwide, like Cruise & Ferry, Offshore, Merchant, Fisheries, Catamarans, Navy and Specialized vessels.

  • Merchant Ships

    : Merchant Ships
  • Offshore Vessels & Specialiced vessels

    : Offshore Vessels & Specialiced vessels
  • Cruise ships, River cruise & Expedition Cruse vessels

    : Cruise ships, River cruise & Expedition Cruse vessels
  • Ferries and high speed catamarans

    : Ferries and high speed catamarans
  • Fishing Vessels

    : Fishing Vessels
  • Navy – Offshore Patrol Vessels

    : Navy – Offshore Patrol Vessels

Offshore Fixed Installations

AERON provides a full range of high-quality HVAC & Refrigeration systems for the demanding offshore industry. We have our own factory in AERMADE which can tailor made Air Handling Units and special equipment especially for the offshore industry.

We deliver equipment in explosion proof execution and are familiar with Norsok and all major national and classification societies requirements.

Our well trained technical staff provides you with design data, documentation, drawings and certificates. AERON designs and builds in-house AERON Automation for our HVAC & Refrigeration Systems. We are innovative and at the forefront of development with an uncompromising attitude to safety and ethics.

Aeron has been a major service and maintenance provider at the Norwegian Continental Shelf since 1998. We have had frame agreements for HVAC-R & Automation with the largest oil and gas companies like Conoco Philips since 2002, and Equinor since 2007. In the offshore field, AERON is maybe more known as Mollier and AF AeronMollier, but from 2023, our name will be AERON.

  • Offshore Fixed Installations – Platforms

    : Offshore Fixed Installations – Platforms

Offshore Rig

With many years in the offshore business, Aeron has great experience in supplying HVAC-R Systems and equipment to all kind of rigs and mobile offshore installations, like Jackup Rigs, Semi submersibles, Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO), Flotels, and Offshore Wind.

Offshore rig projects require special knowledge of the rules and regulations in addition to owner technical requirements. AERON have the expertise to meet the most demanding specifications such as Norsok, DNV ABS, ATEX as well as Company specific requirements. Our references includes deliveries to rig owners such as COSL, Transocean, Rowan, Dolphin, Macro Offshore amongst others.

The equipment supplied is often custom-built and tested according to the clients’ own requirements. We deliver complete packages of services from Conception to Completion for newbuilding’s, maintenance, and modifications.

  • Offshore Rigs and Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO/FSO)

    : Offshore Rigs and Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO/FSO)


Aeron is a technical turnkey contractor within Ventilation, Heating & Cooling, Pipes, Electrical and Automation. Modern buildings are delivered with larger and more complex technical installations. With our interdisciplinary expertise, we can design and offer turnkey technical facilities where we are responsible for all the technical disciplines, both for new-buildings and modifications. This gives our customers fewer interfaces, good cost control and an overview. Our focus is handover without defects and completion on time and in accordance with the client’s requirements.

Our service department offers preventive service, renovation, rebuilding and maintenance. We can offer several different service agreements within our specialist areas, from internal control, emergency lighting, fire alarms, filter change, ventilation, and air conditioning, to heating and cooling systems, etc. We can also offer cleaning of duct networks and document the status before and after cleaning. Contact us for a no-obligation inspection.

We offer energy advice and energy-efficient solutions that help you reduce energy costs and at the same time create good indoor climates. Our goal is to deliver smart and energy-efficient technical solutions that are profitable both for the environment and our customers’ bottom line.

  • Electro

    : Electro
  • Technical Contractor Land

    : Technical Contractor Land

Offshore Wind

Due to greater environmental awareness, the offshore wind market is expanding significantly. Offshore wind farms can play an important role in meeting renewable energy and carbon emission targets and improving energy security for the future. HVAC-R is an important part to assure continuous operation of the offshore wind park. Precise and stable ventilation and climate control must be implemented on unmanned offshore substations. All down time due to technical failure means abrupt supply of electrical energy to users and reduced revenue. We in AERON have a strong focus on designing HVAC-R systems and using quality equipment that ensures reliable and safe installations with an uncompromising attitude to safety and ethics.

  • HVAC-R for renewable energy market

    : HVAC-R for renewable energy market