Merchant vessels

  • Merchant Ships

    AERON® has extensive experience in the design and delivery of complete HVAC-R systems for merchant ships all over the world. Although merchant ships can include many types of ships, here we are primarily thinking of bulk carriers, container ships, tankers and the like. Our experienced employees follow the project from sales, design engineering and project management to installation, start-up and regulation. We take on everything from simple projects, conversions, equipment deliveries to the most complex projects. We can offer good energy-efficient and modern cost-effective solutions tailored for this type of ship where you want solutions that provide low operating costs over the life of the ship. Through our global partners, we focus on being able to provide good service to ships all over the world.

  • Offshore Vessels & Specialiced vessels

    Throughout the more than 40 years we have delivered HVAC-R systems to ships, deliveries to offshore ships globally have been our largest segment. Norway has been one of the leading countries in the world with the design of offshore ships produced for extreme weather conditions and with a strong focus on safety. The HVAC-R systems and equipment on board have been designed and manufactured especially for the rough environment of the North Sea. We have designed HVAC-R facilities from the simplest to the most demanding comfort requirements from the class companies for most types of ships including systems for redundant operations and in use in tropical areas.

    Special vessels are specially built to perform a specific task. These vessels have a wide range of functions and delivering HVAC&R solutions for these vessels requires a wide range of experience and a high level of competence, which has been a great advantage for us as we have extensive experience with such kind of vessels.

    Feel free to contact us for a comprehensive reference list.
    • PSV – Platform Supply Vessel
    • AHTS – Anchor Handling Tug Supply
    • OSV – Offshore Service Vessels, and SOV – Service Operation Vessels
    • OCV – Offshore Construction Vessel
    • Research Vessels & Polar Research Vessels
    • Seismic vessels & Survey ships
    • Well intervention vessels
    • DSV – Diving support vessels
    • FPSO Floating Production Storage and Offloading
    • CLV – Cable Laying Vessels, Pipe Laying Vessels & ROV support vessels
    • Wind service vessels, and Wind Farm service & Installation Vessels.

  • Cruise ships, River cruise & Expedition Cruse vessels

    With increasing tourism at sea, it is increasingly important to have the best ships, with high passenger comfort, and a good HVAC-R system is essential for good customer satisfaction. Our experienced engineers can design and deliver HVAC-R systems with incredibly low noise levels, which can operate in the most extreme climates in the world. We have delivered systems to cruise ships according to the strictest comfort notations from class companies such as DNG-GL Comfort class COMF-V(1) for vibration and COMF-C(1) for indoor climate.

    The HVAC-R systems on a cruise ship normally account for a very high proportion of the ship energy consumption, usually 30-40%, which has a major impact on the environment and profitability. We therefore recommend our Aeron Energy Recovery Systems (AERS), which can provide the best energy-efficient solutions and major savings in energy consumption over the ships lifetime. This while maintaining the highest level of passenger comfort, naturally in accordance with the strict requirements for safety and system redundancy.

    Expedition cruise ships are glad to offer guests the opportunity to explore the most remote places on earth in the highest degree of luxury. Our HVAC-R systems have been developed to provide customers with the highest degree of comfort anywhere in the world, such as Greenland, the Arctic and Antarctica. This requires a high degree of security, and that we design and deliver the HVAC-R systems according to Polar codes. We also recommend our Aeron Connect which enables us to connect to the ships HVAC-R system from our head office, and make any adjustments to the system while they are in rough waters.

  • Ferries and high speed catamarans

    Ro-pax, Ferries and speedboats often follow a fixed route and transport passengers and in combination with vehicles from one place to another. We have extensive experience in designing and delivering high quality HVAC-R systems for Cabins, Restaurants, Recreation areas, technical rooms, Car decks etc. We can ensure ideal temperature and humidity for both passengers and equipment and deliver solutions to prevent the spread of smoke and gas between zones. All of course according to class and the authorities’ strict safety requirements.

    In modern ships, there is an ever-increasing demand for energy-efficient solutions. We have extensive experience in designing plumbing systems with extremely low energy consumption and recovering as much energy as possible through our innovative design solutions. We have supplied complete Aeron Energy Recovery Systems – AERS to a number of battery and hybrid powered ferries and speedboats. We utilize all available heat from equipment, and use all available cooling from the sea, and this is controlled from our heat pump system where we utilize both cold water and hot water in an extremely energy efficient way. Feel free to read about our AERON Energy Recovery Systems – AERS here on the web or contact us for more information.

  • Fishing Vessels

    Since its inception in 1979, AERON has supplied complete HVAC-R systems to most types of fishing vessels worldwide. We deliver everything from simple cost-effective solutions to advanced energy-efficient solutions and high crew comfort. In order to optimize this, we like to start from the geographical areas where the shipowner wants to use the boat and adapt the facilities in relation to this to provide increased comfort and low energy consumption in accordance with the shipowner’s wishes. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

  • Navy – Offshore Patrol Vessels

    Aeron has supplied HVAC-R systems to several coastguards, support ships, nearshore and offshore patrol ships to several countries. We understand the variation in requirements patrol vessels must meet, depending on the navy that orders the vessel. With our expertise in purpose-built HVAC&R technology, we can tailor good solutions to each type of ship and the customer’s needs. We can deliver simple, reliable, cost-effective systems and more automated, computer-controlled systems. Regardless of the solution, reliability and ease of maintenance are always our focus in HVAC-R systems for marine vessels.