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AERON Air Handling Units (AHU)
Based on our long worldwide experience in the marine and offshore market, we have developed several types of energy efficient Air Handling Units (AHU). We offer a flexible range of units in many sizes. The units are available in modules special designed for all kind of marine and offshore installations. The units is compact and can be designed with high flexibility to fit into the often limited spaces in ships & offshore installations.

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AERON Air Handling Unit types & accessories
• AERON Marine AHU
• AERON Offshore AHU
• AERON Flat Packed AHU

AHU Technical info
• Wide range of standard sections
• Energy efficient recovery modules.
• Very good acoustic and thermal insulation
• Housing in Alu-Zink, Galvanized or Stainless Steel
• Special designed for Marine & Offshore
• Indoor or outdoor execution
• Large inspection doors
• The fan mounted on vibration dampers with flexible connections
• Mounted on common skid
• Horizontal or Vertical execution

AERON® Marine Air Handling Units can be delivered with all necessary accessories in order to minimize installation work at the yard. The heat exchangers and evaporators are available in several types of materials the customer demands.

AERON Flat Packed AHU
We have developed a special unique system, which makes it possible to supply ‘flat-pack’ AHU equipment as an alternative to fully assembled. The units comes in several pieces and installs easily inside the ship or offshore module. For modification projects, this saves a lot of time and cost, compared to cutting a hole to take in large products.

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