G65 – Air Inlets & Outlets

Humidity does more damage than most people realize. Humidity leads to corrosion, witch will shorten the lifespan of machinery, metal structures, electrical installations and electronic systems.

Installation onboard offshore platforms and various types of ships are often exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Louvers in general, particular the intake louvers are often exposed to larger amounts of water from heavy rain, strong winds, green sea and water spray. To ensure the longevity of the louvers, but also to increase the lifespan and performance of machinery, electronic systems and more, a well-dimensioned and high efficient intake louver systems is always well invested money.

AERON® droplet separators are heavy duty, high efficient water and moisture eliminators that yield high efficiency with low operating pressure drop. The separators are available in sea water resistant aluminum alloy or in stainless steel. The droplet separators can be combined with a filter coalesces system for water and dust separation.

All our louvers and droplet separators that can be delivered in combination with a damper or hatch for weath- er-tight closing. In addition to the advanced moisture eliminators, we also supply all kind of simple louvers, hoods and goosenecks.

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