G15 – Automation

Automation & PLC
Well-developed Automation system for HVAC-R systems contribute to higher productivity in friendly working environments and energy savings. To control the HVAC-R systems we deliver everything from simple, virtually maintenance-free plants to state of the art PLC and computerized systems.

Automation systems are made for dedicated control of each Air Handling Units (AHU) and refrigeration machineries. The AERON HVAC Automation Systems may also include all other equipment like Air Handling Units, Refrigeration machineries, Cabin Units, Fan Coils, Fans, dampers, valves and sensors for control and monitor the humidity, temperatures, airflows etc. For the overall control functions of the HVAC system, the system may connect to the ships main computer system (IAS) and be delivered with backup systems according to our customers’ requirements.

Advanced energy efficiency solution
One of the best benefits from the owner’s point of view is active operation between the AHU (Air Handling Unit) and the terminal units. Data from the terminal units can control the AHU in two ways in order to reduce the energy consumption:

  1. Adjusting the fan operation to optimal level
  2. Minimizing the need to heat or cool down the air inside the AHU

Local energy efficiency
Air conditioning could be forced into standby mode when the passenger removes the keycard from its holder. Even though unnecessary cooling and heating is limited while the cabin is not occupied, the indoor climate conditions are simply maintained at a comfortable level. The individual comfort level is quickly re-established when the passenger returns to cabin. If the passenger opens the balcony door, the cabin ventilation unit saves energy by preventing unnecessary cooling. Unlike advanced system, the local solution does not require a network.

Automatic operation could be facilitated by continuous airflow measurement and damper regulation by intelligent control panel. Automatic HFR/M adapts to variations in ductwork pressure and maintains individual conditions in each cabin and is thus pressure independent. Semi-automatic cabin unit does not include airflow measurement and is thus pressure dependent. The HFR/M is an excellent choice for suites, deluxe cabins and office areas where the total airflow needs to be distributed to several points, but controlled centrally with one control panel.

Monitor your cabin comfort and savings
We may offer supervision software that runs on a computer and offers an excellent tool for HVAC engineers and management. The software enables the changing of parameters and set-points, for individual rooms or for cabin groups, as well as printed listings of different elements that have a direct impact on indoor climate conditions, safety and energy-efficiency. The supervision system can also display the history data and trends. Symbolic representation of the process and clear displays make the software easy and convenient to use.