G40 – Cooling Units

Fan Coils & SCU units
The AERON® range of Self Contained Units and Fan Coils solutions for demanding marine applications may provide individual air-conditioning in the room by automatic temperature control. The FCU and SCU units normally recir- culates the air in the cabin, and some includes necessary fresh air supply.

The vertical fan coils for Cabins are designed for silent cabin comfort with sophisticated air treatment and control. An advanced digital room temperature control system with stepless fan speed control and heating/cooling power regulation completes the solution. To ensure easy installation in prefabricated cabins, FCU can be installed e.g. in the toilet block in the vertical position. In addition to better sound attenuation, this offers easy access to the unit without disturbing passengers

For larger rooms we offer a standard series of Vertical Air Handling Units VAHU or Self Contained Units (SCU) espe- cially suited for air handling in rooms with large dimensions that might require large cooling or heating capacities.

We offer Fan Coils Units (FCU), Vertical Air Handling Units (VAHU) and Self Contained Units (SCU) for the following marine applications:
• FCU for Cabins, vertical or horizontal types
• FCU for Public areas
• FCU, VAHU and SCU for technical rooms
• FCU, VAHU and SCU for public rooms and technical-/ data rooms
• Other special made FCU, VAHU and SCU units available upon request.

You find more info in our Product Catalogue.

Antenna Cooling Units
AERON® Antenna unit type AM is a lightweight, compact cooling unit designed for cooling of antenna systems.

The AM unit is equipped with compressor, evaporator and air-cooled condenser all fitted together in a ”ready to use” unit. The AM can operate at surrounding temperatures up to 65 ̊C. The units will be delivered with thermostat and complete control panel for easy operation.

The AM Unit is a compact, flexible and quiet running air-condition unit. The unit is designed to operate inside or below radar domes in a non EX zone. The unit normally has a cooling capacity of 2,5 – 3.5 kW. The unit is built in stainless steel chassis AISI 316 quality for long lasting lifetime. The construction is strong due to the harsh environ- ment often found in demanding marine and offshore installations.

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