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Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers
In the wintertime when cold air outside is heated up, the humidity inside could end up below 10%. Human beings will normally prefer humidity between 30-60%. Maintaining a stable humidity requires a controlled HVAC system, humidifying the air in wintertime and cool or dehumidify the air in summertime.

Humidifiers could be used to increase the humidity in the air inside accommodation or other special areas. Humidifiers can be installed in the HVAC Systems to minimize generation of static electricity and to prevent air becoming dry in the accommodation or other special areas. When humidifying is required, Aeron recommend adding clean steam. Humidifying systems can be based on a central steam supply system for the Air Handling Units or local steam generation systems for rooms.

Please note that that the disadvantages of with too humid air could be larger than too dry air, special if the humidity will condensate at cold surfaces and come into building insulation. Iso standard 7547 for ventilation in accommodations for ships strongly recommend that the upper level of relative humidity is limited to 35% RH. Be aware that since humans lack sensory organs that register moisture, it will act indirectly on us, and dust in the air could led us think that the air is too dry.

In this chapter you will find more information of our standard steam humidifiers for marine and offshore. These humidifiers is special made for marine and offshore, mostly in stainless steel and special made to avoid power leakage. They also have simple programming to adapt to different water qualities. The right level of humidity is important for a good working and indoor environment.

Correct humidity is important both on ships and offshore installations. It requires both dehumidification and humidification. No matter how well a ship or platform is maintained, certain areas will always be prone to rust.

If dry air is introduced into these areas, rust can be prevented or significantly reduced. We supply sorption dehumidifiers for fixed installation or mobile dehumidifiers in several sizes from leading manufacturers of dehumidifiers.

Specially in the summertime or in hot areas, the relative humidity could be very high. The high humidity could may discomfort indoor climate, reduce lifetime, and damage electronic equipment, increase corrosion, increase mould and fungus attacks etc.

When we use air-condition, we normally both cool the air, reduce the humidity in the outside air, and make a better indoor climate. For uninsulated areas without air-condition, it could in some areas be smart to install a dehumidifier to reduce humidity and obtain a better indoor climate specially for the equipment inside.

We have dehumidifiers well suitable for marine and offshore. We may serve you with central dehumidifier connected to Air Handling Unit, mobile or local room dehumidifiers. The de-humidifiers can be delivered with simple control or with stepless control connected to a computer-based control system. In this chapter you will find some standard dehumidifiers, but we may also offer other special solutions based on your requirements.

Our range of dehumidifiers has a variety of applications among others:
• Dry air storage in general – humidity control in unheated storage rooms.
• Internal corrosion protection of machinery parts, bridges etc.
• Reduction of ice in evaporators at doors and ceiling in cold stores and freezers.
• Protection of Cargo equipment

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