G60 – Fans & Dampers

We are offering all types of fans needed to create an optimal ventilation system for marine and offshore applicati- ons. With requisite certificates according to class and governmental requirements.

Axial Fans
Typical applications for these fans are mechanical ventilation of technical rooms like engine rooms, cargo rooms a.o. where you transport large air volumes at relative small pressure drops.

Explosion – Proof Fans for Hazardous Area
Hazardous areas onboard offshore rigs, chemical tankers, oil tankers and gas carriers have very stringent requi- rements with regard to design and execution of the ventilation fans concerning safety. We offer a wide range of special fans for installation in hazardous areas.

Centrifugal Fans
Typical applications for these fans are exhaust air from different rooms in accommodation areas or as supply or exhaust fans for any room with narrow spaces that requires small ducts with high speed air distribution.

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Duct Fans

Centrifugal Fans

Axial Fans & Mushroom Fans

Heavy Duty Silencers

Vibration Dampers

Fire Dampers and Shut off Dampers