Air Condition, Provision plants and other Cooling systems is a part of our core business. We think we can make the greatest impact to the world’s best sustainable climate solutions by using natural refrigerants like CO2.

Climate systems typically affects the climate in two main ways. The release of refrigerants and the energy used to power the system. CO2 as a refrigerant has no effect on the climate or environment, and Aeron’s strong focus on developing energy efficient systems provides the lowest possible energy consumption.

Refrigeration machineries with traditional synthetic refrigerants are contributing to the global warming. The much better alternative is to use natural refrigerants as we do in our Aeron ECOOLERS that is based on environmentally friendly natural refrigerants.

The world first DNV Certified CO2 Marine Water Chiller

CO2 as refrigerant:

  • It’s non-toxic (ASHARE safety group A1)
  • It doesn’t affect the ozone layer (ODP = 0)
  • Captured from atmosphere, making it Global Warming neutral
  • It’s not restricted by EU F-GAS directive.
  • It is a NATURAL Refrigerant.

Technical data MWC-410-CO2-5B:

  • Cooling capacity: 410 kW
  • Condenser cooling media Fresh water at +38 °C
  • EG35% temperature outlet/inlet +5/+11 °C
  • Improved COP. Automatic change-over from trans-critical
    to sub-critical mode, based on cooling water temperature.
  • Heat recovery options available.

Marine Water Chiller 410-CO2-5B

Aeron E-SERIES for a sustainable better climate

Aeron wants to be one of the leading players in sustainable technology and will also make a positive contribution to the United Nations’s sustainable development goals. One of the important goals is the UN goal number 13 – Climate Action – To take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Therefore, Aeron acts, and we are developing a complete new innovative E-series of Environmentally friendly and Energy efficient products and Systems for a sustainable better climate.