G50 – Galley Ventilation

The stringent and robust standards applicable to ventilation in the marine business and fundamental to the quality assurance of our tailor made galley systems and products. We uses galley equipment from well known producers containing high quality hoods and canopies designed in accordance with applicable standards such as USPH, Solas, CE, Iso standard etc.

Typical challenges in galley ventilation design relate to optimizing the air volumes inside the galleys for creating a comfortable working conditions and doing this in an energy efficient way, as well as minimizing the grease accumulation inside the hoods and ductwork to improve fire safety and hygienic conditions. Nowadays that ship designs include number of restaurants, challenges can relate to where the galley can be replaced.

Drawings for your projects can be created for you by our engineering team. In this chapter, you will find some examples, but we will offer a tailor made solution for you, based on your requirements.

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Galley Ventilation