G35 – Heating

We can engineer and sever you with most kind of standard wall heaters, heating pumps, duct heaters, fan heaters and Certified EX heaters for hazardous areas from producers of well-known products. We can serve you with heaters based on hot water, steam or electricity.

Types / Examles
• Air cooled or water-cooled Chilled water refrigeration units – CW.
• Air cooled or water-cooled Refrigeration units with direct expansion – DX.
• Air cooled or water-cooled Split AC units in standard execution for in ATEX execution.
• Fan coils for Chilled water or air-cooled refrigeration units.
• Complete Provision room refrigeration plant
• Self-Contained Units for return air or fresh air supply.
• Compact Deck units with Air Handling Units and refrigeration units built together
• Taylor made cooling systems in ATEX or non-ATEX.
• Antenna cooling units

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