G70 – Refrigeration

The range of AERON® refrigerating products will cover every need for refrigeration onboard modern ships and offshore installations. All refrigeration machineries and cooling products are supplied according to requirements from yards, owners, classification society, and national authorities.

Our refrigeration machineries are constructed for marine and offshore applications. Components and materials are based on our customers’ requirements and our long experience in the business. Emphasis is put on safety, energy efficiency, small dimensions, low weight and easy maintenance as well as site installation-friendly solutions.

The refrigeration plants can be delivered either as direct expansion systems or as chilled water plants for indirect cooling. Our plants can be delivered with air-cooled or water cooled condensers, compressors for reciprocating or screw type systems, or as multi compressor units fitted with several compressors. Whatever the requirements, we will provide an optimal designed plant that meet your demands.

• Air cooled or water-cooled Chilled water refrigeration units – CW.
• Air cooled or water-cooled Refrigeration units with direct expansion – DX.
• Air cooled or water-cooled Split AC units for ATEX or non-ATEX.
• Fan coils for Chilled water or air-cooled refrigeration units.
• Complete Provision room refrigeration plant
• Self Contained Units for return air or fresh air supply.
• Compact Deck units with Air Handling Units and refrigeration units built together • Taylor made cooling systems in ATEX or non-ATEX.
• Antenna cooling units

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