Sembcorp Marine, Singapore

Zero emission battery ferries for Norled

Customer: Sembcorp Marine
Newbuilding: 430001, 430002, 430003
Shipowner: Norled

Aeron has recently successfully commissioned and handed over two of three ferries that Sembcorp Marine in Singapore has built for Norled. Start-up and handover of the last ferry have mostly been completed in Singapore in December 2022 but will have a final touch-up at Westcon in Ølen in Norway in March 2023.

The three ferries will operate in the triangular connection Hella – Vangsnes – Dragsvik in Sogn in Norway. These ferries are the first Norwegian domestic ferries to be built in Singapore. It was designed by Sembcorp’s subsidiary in Bergen in Norway, LMG Marin. It can load 80 cars and 295 passengers. The 82.4-meter-long ferries are shuttle ferries with a battery hybrid propulsion system. With charging from hydropower, it can run with zero emissions, and be charged automatically.

Over the past 20 years, Aeron has supplied many HVAC-R systems to various shipyards in the Far East and in Singapore. We have also had the pleasure of delivering a range of HVAC-R systems to the shipowner Norled. Both for these three ferries, and for other Norled ferries, we have designed and delivered several particularly energy-efficient HVAC-R systems based on the Aeron Energy Recovery System – AERS. This new self-developed heat pump system first utilizes all available energy on board. The energy in the sea is then utilized, before the heart of the system, which is one or more heat pumps, is started to deliver sufficient hot and cold water for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and other consumers on the ship. This is a particularly energy-efficient solution that is ideal for hybrid and battery-powered ships where there is a strong focus on low energy consumption.

These facilities are controlled by our self-developed computerized Aeron Automation system and Aeron Connect, which enables secure encrypted communication (VPN) for remote monitoring and remote control from our office. Read more about AERS and Aeron Connect under our Aeron systems or contact us at AERON for further information.

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