From Conception to Completion

From Conception to Completion

With highly skilled employees in all technical disciplines, we offer HVAC-R Systems from Conception to Completion. We are handling HVAC-R assignments on new-buildings, maintenance, modifications, and conversions. We are a multi-discipline contractor of complete HVAC-R solutions for marine and offshore, with ”in house” expertise in ventilation, heating, cooling, piping, electrical and automation. We take full responsibility in every step of a project from ”Conception to Completion”, to ensure our customers an optimal climate solution for passengers, personnel, goods, machines, and instruments.

Modern buildings are supplied with larger and more complex and energy-efficient technical installations. With our interdisciplinary expertise, we can design and offer turnkey technical facilities for all the technical disciplines from idea to completion and throughout the building’s lifetime. This gives our customers fewer interfaces, good cost control and an overview.

AERON From Conception to Completion:
• Pilot studies & Survey’s
• Design & Engineering
• Procurement, Construction, Installation & Supervising
• Commissioning, Maintenance & Modifications
• Aeron Spare Parts

Pre-studies and Survey`s

AERON has wide experience in the design and engineering of HVAC-R systems for maritime, offshore and land-based environments. With over 40 years of experience in HVAC design and a large track record, we may suggest excellent energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for our customers all over the world.

The main concern within HVAC-R Systems is providing a safe environment both for personnel and equipment. We will always focus on giving our customers optimal solutions keeping in mind correct functionality and cost. We may study your preliminary drawings for newbuilding’s and attend your existing construction. We start the with a thorough investigation of the client’s needs and the specific project layout and requirements. Considering available space, we can suggest and integrate the HVAC-R in the preliminary design to save the limited available space. Additional space can be saved with our custom-built equipment that are specially tailored to your project.

• Surveys on existing HVAC-R plants onshore and offshore
• Conceptual studies
• Propose solutions and cost estimates
• Smoke and gas ingress analysis

Design & Engineering

Our highly skilled engineers have wide experience in large complex newbuilding projects and extensions & modifications of existing HVAC-R installations. We have in house Ventilation, Refrigeration, Electrical and Automation Capabilities with design and production of all HVAC-R related Control and starter panels.

We deliver a complete package of services related to engineering of marine HVAC-R projects, including, but not limited to the following items:

• Total project execution of HVAC-R projects – EPCIC
• Complete design and supply of HVAC-R systems
• Calculations of all heat transmissions, airflows, heating and cooling capacities
• Complete Automation for all HVAC-R Systems, including PLC based Control panels.
• Complete design and supply of chilled water and DX refrigeration plants
• Complete design and supply of Provision room refrigeration
• Noise and pressure loss calculations
• Calculations and supply of all ventilation for Engine rooms, Machinery, Cargo, & technical rooms
• HVAC Equipment for hazardous and non-hazardous areas
• All necessary documentation for installations, operations and maintenance.

Procurement, Construction, Supervising and Installation

Based on our more than 40 years of experience, we have developed a large range of AERON® high quality product range, specially designed for shipboard and offshore environments. Carefully selected OEM manufacturers produce our AERON products according to our strict requirements and quality standard.

We complete our AERON product range with products from other well-known suppliers, to give our customers, the optimal solutions and fulfil their requirements. Our engineers select equipment that is optimal for the application and the environment. All materials used by AERON come from reliable suppliers and are certified to the highest standards Our purchasing department ensures that all the equipment is delivered at the right time, at the right place and with the right quality.

By using our own well-experienced supervisors together with local partners in different countries, we may offer turnkey solutions that includes the installations of your HVAC Systems. For installation services, we only engage well-qualified suppliers with great experience in assembling the ventilation systems in accordance to our customers and classification requirements, which is the key to the proper functioning and long life of the system. Our flexible approach, services and careful attention to details are well known among our customers.

Commisioning, Maintenance & Modifications

Our experienced engineers carry out commissioning with startup, testing adjusting, and trial run of multiple HVAC-R Systems yearly. Their multidisciplinary background gives them the knowledge to evaluate your plant and operational factors to optimize your plant and secure safe operations. The measuring of all components and systems is well documented and verified according to approved drawings.

Our service department has many experienced service technicians, refrigeration technicians, electricians and automation technicians with a broad technical background who carry out both preventive service, renovation, rebuilding and maintenance. We can offer several different service agreements within our specialist areas, from internal control, emergency lighting, fire alarms, filter change, ventilation, and air conditioning, to heating and cooling systems, etc. We can also offer cleaning of duct networks and document the status before and after cleaning. Our service department is our customer’s link and lifeline to service, maintenance, and spare parts for HVAC-R Systems. Maintenance is vital to ensure optimum air quality and long life for the HVAC-R plants.

When it comes to supervision and suggestions for alterations and improvements of systems, whenever your building will change, regulatory authorities require it, or when new and better technology is available, AERON service department will be at your service with professionals ready to analyze and solve any problem before they become critical. We have extensive experience with conversions and upgrades and can, among other things, offer flat-packed equipment that can be brought in through doors and assembled inside your building if necessary. Contact us for a no-obligation inspection.

Aeron Spare Parts

To maintain smooth operation and minimal downtime of the installed equipment, we hold an extensive stock of spare parts available. In conjunction with our international representatives and business partners we do our utmost to satisfy our customers’ needs for spare parts.

• An extensive stock of filters and spare parts available
• AERON® air filters and coal filters available
• Quality spare parts with attractive prices
• Spare parts sent by courier when required
• Experienced marine service engineers at your service

Multi Disipline


AERON has supplied ventilation and air conditioning since 1979 and has one of the leading expertise in ventilation and indoor climate in southern Norway. We design, deliver and maintain energy-efficient air treatment systems and good indoor climate for maritime, offshore and land-based industries.

Heating & Cooling

Aeron has broad expertise in cooling and heat pump systems. We design, deliver, install, and maintain all types of heating and cooling systems, from small compact units to complex heat pump systems.


We take responsibility for the design, delivery and installation of pipe systems for heating and cooling systems. Aeron has extensive experience with water-borne heating and cooling systems, and can supply everything from simple solutions to complete energy centers with pumps, pipes, heat pumps and controls completely prefabricated for easy installation.


We design and deliver electrical installations for marine, offshore, commercial buildings and industry. Our deliveries include new installation, troubleshooting, service and maintenance. We have our own electrical installers, and our certified electrical fitters all have extensive experience in the electrical industry.

For local land-based inquiries please visit this page.


Automation is of great importance for energy efficiency since it includes the management of the building’s technical systems such as heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting. We can design and build our own AERON PLS system. This user-friendly facility can be integrated with other systems and, if desired, also remotely controlled and monitored via the internet from our office.