AERON Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems (HVAC-R)

Aeron Systems

  • Aeron Energy Recovery Systems

    AERON in an innovative and at the forefront of development, for example with the development of energy efficient solutions such as the AERON Energy Recovery System – AERS, which is profitable both for our customers and the environment. The AERON AERS system is made in order to first utilize all free energy from air, water,…

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  • Aeron Automation System

    To control the AERON HVAC-R systems we deliver everything from simple, virtually maintenance-free Automation Systems to state-of-the-art computerized PLC systems. We deliver all necessary control panels, starters, frequency converter systems, valves, motors, sensors, and other accessories necessary for controlling and monitoring of HVAC-R systems. We have in house knowledge to design tailor made systems for…

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  • Aeron Connect ©

    Aeron connect can be delivered as a part of our AERON Automation PLC System. Aeron Connect makes it possible for us to monitor and control your HVAC-R System onboard the vessel og offshore installation, from our AERON Head Office. We will always need your permission to connect, so you will be in full control. This…

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  • Provision Systems

    AERON has wide experience in design and delivery of complete Provision Refrigeration Plant. We design and deliver complete tailor-made solutions from small to large systems special designed for marine, offshore or land-based applications. We design and deliver all components, including the refrigeration machineries, evaporators, sensors, control panels and automation system. The most common way to…

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  • Refrigeration Systems

    Refrigeration is a cooling process where you remove unwanted heat from a selected object or space and transfer it to another object or space. In our applications, the main task for the refrigeration machinery is to cool the air in the Air Handling Unit (AHU), Fan Coil Unit (FCU) or in other cooling units so…

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  • Air Ducts in Cabins

    This system is common to use for Cabins and Accommodations for Marine & Offshore. The air first passes through an AERON Air Handling Unit (AHU) that filters, heats, cools, and humidifies the air before it is distribu-ted in insulated spiro pipes to the AERON Cabin Units ACU-1. The AHU will normally be delivered with a…

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  • Fan Coil System Cabins

    The system is based on constant air volume, for 100% fresh air to each cabin. For all passenger cabins, air conditioning is supplied by Air handling unit (AHU) as the primary source, and the AERON Cabin Fan Coil Unit APAX for the room as secondary heating and air conditioning. Supply air volume to each room…

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