Fan Coil System Cabins

The system is based on constant air volume, for 100% fresh air to each cabin. For all passenger cabins, air conditioning is supplied by Air handling unit (AHU) as the primary source, and the AERON Cabin Fan Coil Unit APAX-IQ for the room as secondary heating and air conditioning. Supply air volume to each room corresponds to fresh air demand for the occupants.

Energy recovery of the AHU is made by the rotating wheel type enthalpy exchanger which recovers enthalpy from the extract air. The AERON Fan Coil APAX-IQ provides individual air conditioning to the room by automatic control of fan speed, cooling and electric heating. Capacity of the APAX-IQ is designed for calculated sensible cooling load (summer) and heating load (winter) in the room. An APAX-IQ is to be provided for each single cabin. AERON Fan Coil APAX-IQ is normally installed in the cabin’s technical space and recirculates the air in the cabin. An electronic temperature controller for adjustment of the required room temperature is to be provided for the passenger. For energy saving, all cabins with a balcony door could be provided with a proximity switch for detecting the balcony door-closed status and signaling the Fan Coil APAX-IQ.