• Offshore Fixed Installations – Platforms

    Offshore fixed installations with production platforms are designed to retrieve oil and gas from under the seabed and the installations consist of a lot of different equipment from drilling equipment, processing facilities, storage facilities and housing modules. The platforms are designed to last for decades, and we have developed equipment designed for lifelong use in such corrosive environments, with a high focus on safety and reliability with reduced maintenance.

    Aeron has extensive experience with HVAC-R deliveries to the offshore industry, a sector with extreme weather, both in tropical environments with high temperatures and humidity levels to extremely cold polar conditions with very low temperatures. With our long experience both with new installations and maintenance in the North Sea, we know the regulations, different zones and safety requirements well and can adapt our planning, equipment, installations and maintenance accordingly. We can tailor the HVAC-R systems according to the customer’s specifications, and according to the latest offshore-related classification requirements such as DNV, Lloyds, NMD and Norsok. We naturally supply all the necessary equipment in ATEX certified and have also supplied new installations that have been manufactured in Asia for final installation in, for example, the North Sea.

    In addition to significant deliveries to larger fields such as Ekofisk, Troll and Oseberg, we have, among other projects, been the main supplier of all HVAC-R equipment to the Johan Sverdrup Field Center, which is one of the newest and largest oil and gas fields on the Norwegian continental shelf. There we delivered all HVAC-R equipment for 4 platforms, living quarters, drilling and riser platform.

    In addition to new plants, we carry out modification and maintenance of HVAC-R plants in several countries. We have been a leading supplier of modification and maintenance services for many years. With our interdisciplinary expertise, we can carry out maintenance and modifications in several fields from ”Conception to Completion”. Feel free to contact us for references and further information.