Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration is a cooling process where you remove unwanted heat from a selected object or space and transfer it to another object or space. In our applications, the main task for the refrigeration machinery is to cool the air in the Air Handling Unit (AHU), Fan Coil Unit (FCU) or in other cooling units so the rooms in accommodation or technical rooms could be Air-Conditioned. Since the refrigeration machinery produce cooling, you need also to take away the heat from the refrigeration machinery. This is normally done by placing the refrigeration machinery outside in open air or cool the refrigerating machine with (sea) water in the room where the refrigerating machinery is located.

Direct expansion system or Chilled Water System.
There are two main refrigeration systems we utilize. For smaller plant, one or several refrigeration machineries could be delivered with direct expansion of gas in the AHU/ Cooling units to cool the air. For larger plants, where there are several cooling units, it is more common with a Chilled Water System where water is cooled and distribution from the condensing unit to the different AHU/ Cooling units to cool the air.

Heat Pumps
The Heat pump is based on a refrigeration machinery system that controls your climate by redistributing the heat that is already in the air. In the winter it extracts heat from outside environment and moves it inside. In the summer the process is reversed, and the heat pump takes the heat from inside and moves it outside. With the increasing focus on energy efficient solutions, we now deliver more and more heating pumps, utilizing as much free energy as possible, and use both the heat and the cool from the refrigeration machinery into the AHU and Cooling & Heating Units. You will find more information of this in Aeron Energy Recovery Systems – AERS for heating and cooling, or you may feel free to contact us for further information.