The HSE Model

This model explains the core of our HSE work.

Environmental Aspects
Aeron wants to be one of the leading players in sustainable technology and will also make a positive contribution to the UN’s sustainability goals. At AFAM, the environment is a Manager’s as well as an Employee’s responsibility. Through employees’ knowledge, attitude and actions, Aeron shall appear as an environmentally conscious and “green” company. This must be reflected in the overall governing documentation from both AF Gruppen and Aeron. Our goal is to minimize our footprint by focusing on both social, environmental, and economic / systemic dimensions (ESG). We believe that the UN’s sustainability goals no. 3, 4, 5, 9 and 13 are particularly relevant for Aeron.

Examples on specific contributions:
Chemical (cooling gas) substitution (13)
Travel business reduction (13)
Sustainable technology development (electrification) (9)
New markets (offshore wind) (9)
Focus on the use of serious subcontractors (9)
Gender equality campaigns / objectives (5)
HSE as the first priority in everything we do (3)
Apprenticeship (IA) (4)

Substainable Development Goals

Social responsibility

Code of Conduct
Aeron must be reliable. The AF Group’s Code of Conduct describes the guidelines that apply to the ethical guidelines at Aeron. The code of conduct together with the values describes the culture we want to develop, and which will form the basis for achieving our goals. The code of conduct is Aeron’s rules of conduct, and it is assumed that all employees familiarize themselves with it and comply with it. Aeron shall only cooperate with suppliers and customers who can identify themselves with our ”Code of Conduct”.

Suppliers and subcontractors
Aeron want to be associated with suppliers and subcontractors who are committed to complying with the values and requirements outlined in our «Purpose, Objectives and Values» and «Code of Conduct». Aeron has a policy of zero tolerance in respect of any conduct which fails to comply with the provisions contained in the Supplier Declaration. The Supplier Declaration consist of requirements related to compliance with legislation and the UN Global Compact, human rights, working hours and wages, the environment, working environment and discrimination and combating corruption.