Air Ducts in Cabins

This system is common to use for Cabins and Accommodations for Marine & Offshore. The air first passes through an AERON Air Handling Unit (AHU) that filters, heats, cools, and humidifies the air before it is distribu-ted in insulated spiro pipes to the AERON Cabin Units ACU-1. The AHU will normally be delivered with a variable frequency drive to keep the right airflow, but the air supply temperature will be the same for all rooms. This is a simple system that still delivers good comfort to all rooms with manual air flow adjustment in each room, with a separate wall heater in the room to adjust the temperature.

The high velocity design gives a compact system. The use of AERON supply air Cabin Units minimizes the use of regulation dam-pers and silencers. Some air is led out from the exhaust from the WC, while some air is led into the corridor. Energy recovery takes place by taking return air from the corridor back to the air handling unit through an uninsulated duct system where it is mixed with fresh air from outside in the air central.

Room thermostat with re-heat in Cabin Unit
The same system can be supplied with a room thermostat that controls an electric or water-borne heating battery inside the Cabin Unit instead of a wall-mounted heater.